Insider - December 2015

Unattended production

Increased loader capacity

All Rollomatic models from the GrindSmart®629XS/XW, GrindSmart®529XS/XW to the ShapeSmart®NP3/NP5 series are now available with a new extended base plate that allows using the latest cassettes type E. With the ability to mount a total of six cassettes, this new option offers the possibility, depending on the tool diameter, to double the capacity as compared with the standard version and guarantees a production autonomy for the weekend. The standard cassettes type A, B and C are still compatible with this new base plate.

Job Manager

The Job Manager, included as standard in VirtualGrind®Pro and P4Smart® software, provides the ability for the user to produce different tool geometries out of the same shank size without requiring the intervention of the operator. The Job Manager is particularly suited for the GrindSmart®629XW / 529XW machines as the wheel changer provides the flexibility to change wheel packs automatically based on tools to produce. This feature is also available on GrindSmart®529XS / 629XS models as well as on the ShapeSmart®NP3 and NP5.

Reliable and accurate process

In-process tool measurement is an additional feature that ensures unattended production within tolerances of a few microns. These measuring routines which probe certain geometries on the tools can compensate for any drift that may occur such as a sudden temperature changes or grinding wheel wear.
On a tool grinding machine, the regeneration of the fluting wheel is another essential element to maintain high cutting performance and consistent quality throughout the machining process. The automatic Stick-Smart feature offers the ability to clean the grinding wheels and therefore guarantees a constant cutting power during the entire production process.

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New wheel arbors price list!

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