Insider - February 2016

Shadow board 5S

Rollomatic 5S Shadow Board

The Rollomatic 5S mobile Shadow Board is designed to store and organize all essential tooling, accessories and documentation necessary for the efficient operation of your grinding machines.
This trolley provides professional storage on a single platform and features tool hangers, racks and trays for tooling such as collets, V-blocks and cassettes.

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Burcalc integrated into VirtualGrind®Pro 1.19

Burcalc, the programming software for rotary burs is now part of VirtualGrind®Pro and further increases the application range of the Rollomatic tool grinders such as the Grindsmart series XS and XW, as well as the Nano series. This integration offers a variety of new features for producers of industrial, medical and dental burs. The upgrade includes the integrated 3D simulation, easy control of feed rates that allows grinding time optimization and the possibility to modify the tool profile directly with the 2D editor. The Job Manager, which is also integrated in this new edition, gives you the ability to run different profiles without human intervention. Furthermore, all existing Burcalc files are 100% compatible with VirtualGrind®Pro

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