Insider - January 2017


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Production cockpit 4.0

RMonitor is a new and smart machine monitoring software designed to provide instant and real-time visibility and simplifies the management of tool production.


Using the RMonitor offers increased flexibility and improved use of resources in managing production. The current state and history of Rollomatic machines can now be viewed remotely. This enables users to know the exact date and time at which each machine will become available for the production of a new batch.


A simple, user-friendly interface offers users the following displays:

  • The production rate of machines for a defined period of time
  • Cycle times for parts in progress
  • Viewing of the potentiometer’s position showing the feedrate and spindle override
  • Number of tools to be produced
  • The state of the machine while it is not in production (for example in settings or warm-up mode)
  • Warning messages
  • Preventative maintenance measures to be undertaken

RMonitor works with all Rollomatic machines equipped with a PC-based controls, irrespective of the programming software used.


The Timelines view displays the status of the machines over time.