Insider - March 2017


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Shorter setup times and increased productivity

SmartGuide® is the new Rollomatic tool shank guide device. The patented, advanced tool shank guide has been developed to increase productivity by significantly reducing setup times and by simplifying the setup method. It is now available for GrindSmart®XF, XS and XW models as well as the ShapeSmart®NP3 and NP5 series.


  • Optimal for short batch manufacturing
  • Tool run-out within 3 microns maximum
  • Improved tool performance
  • Simple, repeatable and fast to setup
  • 70% reduction on shank guide tooling costs
  • Easy management for shank guide accessories

VirtualGrind® Pro version 1.22 now available

New features

  • Attack angle flute mode with margin-width control
  • Consistent margin width on all teeth
  • New method to program flute roughing passes (A)
  • Example library of tool files
  • Tailstock with 3D animation and collision control (B)
  • Functionality added to assist in finding wheel inclination on form tools (C)
  • Burs with inclined flute (D)