Insider - September 2017

LaserSmart 501

LaserSmart 501 features simultaneous 5-axis interpolation for high precision laser machining of ultra hard materials such as PCD, CVD, MD and natural diamond. As per the previous version, the LaserSmart 501 processes multiple operations such as cutting edge generation, chip breaker machining and cylindrical land machining in one complete set-up.

Machining of cylindrical margin lands

No blank preparation is necessary with the machining process is offset-independent on the brazed PCD raw material. The machining process is offset-independent and is unrelated of the amount of offset on the brazed PCD raw material. There is no variation in cycle time and no additional blank preparation is necessary.

Razor-sharp cutting edges with a radius of less than 1µm

The programming of negative chamfers is unique on the market, and includes programmable defined cutting edges

The technology of chip breaker machining ensures surface finish quality well above industry standards and offers very competitive cycle times

The 6-axis robot which has up to 18 HSK63 stations is integrated into the compact machine enclosure. This allows highly adaptable use of the robot and the machining areas.



RConnect: the new innovation Rollomatic that is part of Industry 4.0 for the cutting tool industry. This is an advanced software designed to communicate between Rollomatic machines with others systems like MES, ERP, automation systems, by using standard communication protocols such as OPC-UA. It works via the local area network (LAN) and therefor requires no additional I/O module or any additional equipment on the machine.

Customer benefit

  • Machine status notification by email or SMS
  • Access to any machine and program data
  • Remote monitoring view on intranet or on the machine
  • No additional hardware required (minimum Windows XP SP3)
  • Possibility to connect to an ERP system
  • Configurable for customer needs