Insider - October 2017

Smart Premium Pack

The Smart Premium Pack is an outstanding service available for customers in Europe*. It includes 3 years warranty, the commissioning of the machine, the complete software suite including all update as well as the Industry 4.0 pack. The client benefits from a personalized support and a process follow-up before, during and after the machine installation.


D - 30:
Schedule a Rollomatic qualified technician to install the machine. Contact the client to organize and coordinate the machine installation.

D - 5:
Final planning and checklist validation to confirm the delivery date.

Machine installation

D - Day:
Machine installation, commissioning and a complete machine test is performed by a qualified Rollomatic engineer.


D + 30:
A Rollomatic specialist will follow up and gather feedback to validate the proper functioning of the machine.

D + 90:
The client verifies and confirms the proper functioning of the machine according to the client’s own assessment.

After-sales service

With all machine components in stock and with the support of competent technicians, Rollomatic provides a pro-active and efficient after-sales service.

Smart machine monitoring

Machine monitoring software offered by Rollomatic allows monitoring the machine’s performances, provides planning resources and increases the efficiency of your production facility.

Customer benefits

  • 3 years warranty on all parts and labor ensuring the maximum machine uptime with peace of mind
  • Machine installation, commissioning and test performed by a qualified Rollomatic engineer
  • The programming software and its updates included to obtain the latest technology and stay competitive
  • RMonitor software allows a preventive maintenance support to monitor and control the Rollomatic machines efficiency

* CH, DE, FR, IT, PT, ES, BE, LU, NL, UK, IE, SI, AT, CZ, PL, SK, HU, HR, SE, DK, FI