GrindSmart® 528XS


The 5-axis precision tool grinder GrindSmart®530XS has been designed for manufacturing high performance rotary cutting tools in both long and short batches covering a wide range of diameter from Ø. 0.1 to Ø 20.0 mm (.004" - .75") and Ø 25.0 mm (1") for rotary burs. This machine is equipped with linear motors, combined with the torque motor on the rotary axis, provides more benefits such as enhanced surface finish and reduced maintenance costs. The oil used for cooling and lubricating the linear motors is the same as the coolant oil. This ensures consistent thermal stability during setup and production without incurring additional energy consumption.

The GrindSmart®530XS features a direct drive single side spindle which accommodates a wheel pack of up to 4 wheels. This model offers optional an automatic high speed pick & place tool loader with a capacity of up to 1,360.

Your benefits

  • Typical productivity: 8,000 - 10,000 pieces per month
  • Patented shank guide and steady rest support to reach a concentricity of less than 0.002 mm
  • Short axis movements for greater stability and precision in production
  • Linear and torque motors provide mirror surface finish
  • Small footprint allows optimal use of available shop-floor space


Productivity and precision make the GrindSmart®530XS the perfect solution for the production of rotary burs as well as other rotary cutting tools used in various industries. In addition, this model is ideally suited for grinding dental implant drills.