GrindSmart® 529XW


The GrindSmart®530XW is a 5-axis precision tool grinder for the manufacturing of standard and high performance cutting tools from Ø 0.1 – 20.0 mm (.02"– 3/4").

Maximum uptime and unmatched productivity for both long and short batches make this 5-axis tool grinder ideal for manufacturing a wide variety of precision cutting tools with minimum setup time.

The GrindSmart®530XW is supplied standard with an ultra compact 6-position wheel changer and offers maximum flexibility and power in an economical package.

Your benefits

  • Ability to grind 0.1mm to 20mm, (25mm for burs)
  • Direct drive torque motor on the rotary B-axis for super finish below 0.1 Ra on radii
  • Super compact design, foot print 25% smaller compare to other product of the market
  • Patented tool guiding system. Simple setup in less than 5 minutes. TIR and repeatability within 0.002mm
  • Max 0.002mm runnout on wheel pack at each changes thanks to special design on HSK attachment
  • Fast and reliable tool loading system. Simple and fast to setup compare to 6 axis robot
  • High accuracy scales on each axes
  • Integrated 6-position wheel changer
  • Simultaneous wheel pack and tool change. (Unique on the market)
  • Synchronous spindle motor. Constant torque also at low RPM. Better surface finish
  • Full software package included in the machine price. Ability to make insert, round tools, taps, boring bars, etc
  • Free software upgrade during entire machine life time


With a very rigid design, a synchronous grinding spindle developing a power of 14kW and a 6-position wheel changer, the GrindSmart®530XW is the ideal machine for the production of end mills, drills, taps, thread mills, burs, surgical tools and much more up to 20 mm in diameter.

Widespread in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and precision engineering, this machine stands out with its exceptional surface finish quality and level of productivity.