GrindSmart® Nano6


The high precision 6-axis grinding center GrindSmart®Nano6 has been designed for the production of high performance micro-tools made of carbide or HSS with a diameter range between Ø 0.03 – 2.0 mm (.001"– .080").

Thanks to its innovative hydrostatic technology, this extremely compact machine offers superior performance for manufacturing of high precision micro-tools.

Your benefits

  • Designed and dimensioned specifically for micro tools
  • Superior finish quality with hydrostatic slides
  • Only tool grinder able to grind tools as small as 0.03mm diameter
  • Unbeatable precision and constancy in production within 0.003mm
  • Patented tool guiding system and steadyrest. Simple setup in less than 5 minutes. TIR and repeatability within 0.002mm
  • CCD Camera for the setting of steady-rest
  • Direct drive torque motor on the rotary B-axis for super finish below 0.1 Ra on radii
  • Max 0.002mm runnout on wheel pack at each changes thanks to special design PerfectArbor attachment
  • Fast and reliable tool loading system. Simple and fast to setup compare to 6 axis robot. Easy to service
  • High accuracy scales on each axes
  • Full software package included in the machine price
  • Free software upgrade during entire machine life time


The only machine specifically designed for the production of micro-tools, the GrindSmart®Nano6 has unique technologies in the cutting tool industry.

Hydrostatic slides and a 6th axis makes this the most accurate machine for the production of all kinds of cutters such as drills, taps, endmills, engraving tools, thread mills and much more.

The exceptional quality of surface finish and the geometric precision of the tools ground on this machine are requirements in the watchmaking, mobile phone, electronics, and generally the micro-mechanics industries that only the GrindSmart®Nano6 is able to guarantee.