GrindSmart® 660XW


The GrindSmart®660XW has been designed for rotary cutting tool applications ranging from diameter 0.1 to 12.7mm in an amazingly compact layout which includes a large capacity tool loader and a high-speed wheel changer with 6 wheel-pack positions. The machine features the latest linear and torque motor technology on each axis, as well as a 14kW synchronous spindle motor. All these components are cooled with the same coolant oil providing a perfect thermal stability, unbeatable accuracy in production as well as extremely good surface finish on the tools.

The machine features 4 linear and 2 rotary axes. The unique aspect is the workhead which is mounted on a CNC linear axis. With this feature, the tool grinding and the well-known Rollomatic peel grinding process are combined together into a single machine model. The benefit of the traveling workhead for peel grinding operations is that the grinding wheel is always on top of the steady rest while the workhead axis is pushing the tool through the grinding wheel, providing excellent process stability. This CNC workhead axis is also a great benefit for drill applications, as an innovative steady rest design combines optimal tool support for fluting and for pointing.

Your benefits

  • Shorter cycle time with the Ultra-Efficient Lean Grinding Process
  • Simple and lean production management
  • Entire manufacturing process is at least 3 times more efficient
  • Complete tool grinding in one single setup
  • Ultra-compact and integrated tool loader with a capacity of up to 1,360 parts and a super-fast 6-positions wheel changer
  • Simultaneous changing of wheel packs during the tool loading & unloading
  • Very short setup times with the latest Auto-Setup feature
  • Optimized axis configuration and movements provide shorter cycle times