NanoGrind™ 4000XD

NanoGrind™ 4000XD

The NanoGrind™ 4000XD is a 4-station CNC rotary transfer tool grinding machine for high volume production of micro drills in carbide and HSS, based on a revolving table with 4 workheads. Three of the 4 bays are for grinding, and the 4th bay is for loading/unloading.

Your benefits

  • The only rotary transfer machine designed and dimensioned specifically for the production of micro-drills
  • Average cycle time of 20 seconds
  • Precision and dimensional repeatability in production of less than 0.002 mm
  • Total run-out less than 0.002 mm due to proprietary tool holding technology
  • Closed-loop regulation of all machine axes
  • Fast and reliable automatic high-speed loader and unloader
  • All axes include glass scales
  • Simple and intuitive programming


The NanoGrind™ 4000XD is the only machine specifically designed for the mass production of micro-drills.

Due to its productivity and precision, this machine has become a benchmark in the semiconductor, printed-circuit board, watch making and jewelry industry where micro-drills with the highest quality are required.