The ShapeSmart®NP30 is designed for tool manufacturers who are looking for a machine with the best value for quality, reliability, price and performance.

With 4 CNC axes and based on the method of peel grinding with simultaneous engagement of a roughing and a finishing wheel, the ShapeSmart®NP30 is a precision pinch and peel grinding machine for the preparation of cutting tool blanks such as endmills, drills and other stepped cylindrical tools, covering a range of diameters between Ø 0.025 and Ø 25.0 mm.

Your benefits

  • Unmatched diameter/ length ratio up to 400x D
  • An integral automatic high-speed pick & place tool loader with a capacity of up to 1’360 tools as part of the standard machine
  • Grinding of blanks including steps, taper, radii and more in a single setup
  • Precision and size consistency in production with tolerances of just a few microns
  • Grinding with multiple passes for large material removal
  • Change of roughing wheel configuration in less than 5 minutes
  • The shank guide system ensure a TIR after grinding of less than 0.002mm.
  • Automatic qualification of wheel positions
  • In-process tool measuring system for unattended production and diameter control under 0.002mm.
  • 3D touch probe for accurate recessed and tapered neck grinding on cutting tool blanks
  • Flipper station able to grind double ended tools (up to 200mm)