LaserSmart 500

The LaserSmart 500 offers simultaneous 5-axis interpolation for high precision laser machining of ultra hard materials such as PCD, CVD, MD and natural diamond.

The LaserSmart 500 completely processes multiple operations such as cutting edge generation, chip breaker machining and laser marking in one set-up. It excels at machining cylindrical lands, defined cutting edge radii and perfect cutting edge quality.

Your benefit

  • High precision tool clamping systems ensuring a TIR of less than 0.002mm
  • Profile cutting, ablation for chip breaker and laser marking in one single setup for cylindrical tools and inserts as well
  • Better surface finish quality and cutting edge sharpness in comparison with other processes
  • No needs of subsequent polishing operation
  • Faster cycle time in comparison with other processes
  • Profile accuracy within 0.003mm
  • High accuracy scales on each linear axes and circular axes
  • Automatic thermal response calibration, first tool within few micron
  • Fast and reliable tool loading system. Simple and fast to setup compare to 6 axis robot
  • Capability to handle and load cylindrical shanks or inserts
  • Pre-programmed parameters of processing depending of the material and thickness to be machined


The Lasersmart 500 is a machine that has been designed for fine laser cutting and ablation of all types of milling/turning, threading and engraving tools with PCD, CVD and natural diamond.

The software has been specifically written for the diamond cutting tool industry.

The ablation capability allows for chip breakers, engraving and other operations on the diamond part of the tools. The quality of the tools produced on the Lasersmart 500 make this machine a benchmark in the diamond tool industry such as watchmaking, automotive, aerospace, and precision engineering.