VirtualGrind® Pro is the innovative core software for the Rollomatic GrindSmart® 5- and 6 axis precision tool and cutters grinders.
Designed on the basis of 20 year’s experience in grinding cutting tools by our own team of software engineers, VirtualGrind® Pro focuses on the needs of customers with specific optimization to run on the Rollomatic grinding machines.

The VirtualGrind® Pro software is a modern, user-friendly, extremely powerful and flexible software that can be used to program and manufacture any kind of standard, high-performance as well as specialty tools. The Rollomatic machines deliver unlimited grinding possibilities with a wide application diversity.

The standard software package delivered with our GrindSmart® machines includes following tool types:

  • Drills (including dental drills, form drills, step drills and more)
  • End mills (including tapered and variable-helix end mills)
  • Form tools (with dxf import or by editing your tool shape with the integrated 2D editor)
  • Burs (including dental and aluminum-cut type)
  • Profile inserts

Your benefits

  • All Rollomatic tool grinders are delivered with the full package of VirtualGrind® Pro. No additional packages or software options have to be purchased
  • Software updates are available free of charge to Rollomatic users for the entire machine life time
  • VirtualGrind® Pro is designed to run off line so that all of the preparation work can be done on an external PC
  • The same software is used by the tool designer, production engineer and machine operator
  • Same user interface on all Rollomatic machines of the GrindSmart® series as well as on the Alfa set wheel pre-setter equipment (See the "Easy setup" section for further details)