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Highly productive manufacturing of tungsten carbide milling cutters with diameters of up to 20 mm

Many industrial sectors are noting a rising demand for especially precise milling cutters and drills with larger diameters. In view of the enormous quantities that have to be manufactured and the comparatively long production cycle times, the productivity of the grinder plays an increasingly important role. We interviewed the Product manager of a technology and market leader for the manufacture of such machines, turning a particular spotlight on the features that nowadays ensure the mastering of the production of such cutters in large series in fully automatic, unstaffed operation mode.

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5-axes laser machining

Specialized in the manufacturing of sharpening machines for cutting tools and cylindrical grinding, the company Rollomatic SA (CH-Le landeron) widened its product range by launching at the beginning of 2014 the LaserSmart 500, a high precision 5-axes laser machining centre. The strategy to sell the first series to renowned tool manufacturers active in different sectors, such as mobile technology, watchmaking, aeronautics and auto industry, enabled Rollomatic to get precious feedbacks from the first users and thus to improve and optimise the processes.