LaserSmart®510 femto

The LaserSmart®510 femto with its innovative and powerful femto laser source provides unlimited machining possibilities. Maximizing productivity, precision, and surface quality; the femto laser source builds upon the success of the LaserSmart series. Not only are PCD, P-CBN, CVD, MCD, and natural diamond materials feasible, but also Ceramics, Carbide, Sapphire, Glass, or even new material combinations. These revolutionary machine processes allow customers to achieve the results that set the new standard in ultra-hard material machining.

Your benefit

  • Super fine surface finishes, as good as Ra 0.04μm
  • Up to 30% faster
  • Wide variety of applications including cutting, chip breakers, cylindrical margins, SmartFluting (3D machining), and SmartSharpening
  • Unlimited range of materials or material combinations
  • Complete machining in one single setup
  • Ultra flexible programming with convenient and efficient predefined parameters
  • Adapts the machining processes automatically according to the material