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New VirtualGrind®Pro, latest release

In response to fast growing market demands,Rollomatic is proud to announce the official release of its new programming software, VirtualGrind®Pro.

This new software is available for the GrindSmart® 628XS/620XS/6000XL and GrindSmart®Nano6 cutter grinders from Rollomatic.

VirtualGrind®Pro is a completely new software platform developed by Rollomatic and it offers infinite mathematical solutions, unlimited evolution possibilities, extensive flexibility and an easy to use programming interface that will be appreciated by programmers and operators alike.

The initial release of VirtualGrind®Pro will enable you program all variations of standard endmills, as well as high performance tools with variable helix angles and unequal indexing.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Optimum flexibility will drastically expand your application field
  • Easy programming of complex tools will decrease programming time
  • Free software and updates will minimize costs
  • Easy to learn interface will minimize training time

NCWalker, new software

In addition to VirtualGrind®Pro, you will now have the benefits of a new on-line monitoring and control software called NCWalker. This will enable you to remotely see the status of each Rollomatic machine through a LAN connection in order to check and optimize your production.

Learn more about VirtualGrind®Pro


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Philippe Uebelhart, Managing Director

Philippe Uebelhart
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Jean-Charles Marty
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