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New GrindSmart® 628XS

We are pleased to announce that we have re-designed our GrindSmart®620XS machine, and going forward, we will now be offering the new model GrindSmart®628XS.

The model GrindSmart®628XS has the following enhancements over the current GrindSmart®620XS machine:

Ergonomically designed CNC control panel with 15” monitor and slanted keyboard conveniently placed underneath the monitor.

Better flute and relief finish, higher indexing accuracy:
Rotary glass scale on workhead head W20 (C-axis).

Rotational speed of workhead (C-axis):
The workhead is belt-driven and therefore offers higher spinning speed of up to 1,000 rpm. (This upgrade was already implemented on some of the latest GrindSmart®620XS machines shipped).

Less external disturbance:
Redesigned and re-inforced machine bed and machine structure.

Easier maintenance:
New service doors on machine enclosure for more effortless access to the interior part of the machine.

New linear guide rails:
The linear guide rails now have roller bearings in place of re-circulating balls (this upgrade was already implemented on some of the latest GrindSmart®620XS machines shipped).

Pre-wiring and pre-installations:
Machine is fully prepared for retro-fitting options such as:
Rotary wheel dresser, fixed and retractable
StickSmart automatic wheel sticking system
Gap control (acoustic emission control)
CCD Camera

For the North American market, Rollomatic is launching the new model GrindSmart®628XS 6-axis CNC tool grinding machine during an OpenWeek Private Show from November 2nd to 6th at the showroom in Mundelein, IL, USA.



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