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NEW – GrindSmart®Nano5 Bur Grinder for premium quality burs

Rollomatic is proud to announce the delivery & installation of the first GrindSmart® Nano5. This 5-axis bur grinding machine is designed for high and low volume production of all types of burs, with the shortest cycle times and best precision ever achieved.

The basic design of the Nano5 bur grinder is similar to the GrindSmart®Nano6
6-axis micro tool grinder, without the inclination of the grinding spindle (6th axis). The grinding spindle is single-ended and holds one wheel pack. This single-wheel pack design is ideal for rapid bur grinding with minimal machine movements and short axis travel.

The Nano5 features an innovative design of a bur clamping system. It automatically grips the bur shank right behind the head and provides rigid support during grinding. This is particularly useful for brazed bur heads where excessive vibrations occur, which can lead to premature wheel wear.

This machine is equipped with an extensive software package called BurCalc®, designed & implemented exclusively by Rollomatic. BurCalc® allows control over the entire cutting geometry on burs. This is typically a challenge to even the most experienced bur manufacturer, particularly in a production environment where speed and flexibility are two crucial factors.

The Nano5 can grind burs in stainless steel, carbide or two-piece construction. It includes full automation and reliable, unattended operation. The Nano5 is ideal for burs in the metal cutting, aluminum-cut, dental, laboratory and surgical industries. It can also grind other dental tools such as dental files (root canal reamers), implant drills and other cranial drilling tools. A shank guide system is available that resembles the V-block found on all other Rollomatic grinders.

For more information on the Nano5, click here. For a quote or to discuss test grinding, please contact
Eric Schwarzenbach (U.S.) at eschwarzenbach(at) or our Philippe Uebelhart (Europe & Asia) at p.uebelhart(at)


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