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Rollomatic is your international resource for the best quality grinding machines in the world. Our success is based on skilled and committed employees who contribute to the company by means of their work and ideas.

The result: Precision Grinding Machines, built enthusiastically by a team of individuals dedicated to unequaled precision, and well-received by our customers for their reliability and performance.

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The GrindSmart®629XS is a 6-axis super-precision tool grinder for the manufacturing of high performance and standard cutting tools which offer high added-value to end users. With a diameter range of Ø 0.1 – 16.0 mm (.004"– 5/8") this machine model is the ideal choice for grinding superior quality tools. Maximum uptime and unmatched productivity make this 6-axis tool grinder ideal for manufacturing a wide variety of high precision cutting tools with minimum setup time. The...