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The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 is your start into the modular balancing system of the Tool Dynamic series. Designed as a table and complementary machine, it is the ideal solution [...]

The fully enclosed, automatic model BMT200S accurately balances the grinding wheel flanges with simple, fast and efficient operation. The mounting system is compatible will all Rollomatic GrindSmart® and ShapeSmart® series [...]

The EasySetUp® Alfa-set device is Rollomatic’s next generation wheel presetter. Offering highly precise operation, it enables you to quickly and accurately measure the geometry of the grinding wheels directly in [...]

The Rollomatic 5S mobile Shadow Board is designed to store and organize all essential tooling, accessories and documentation necessary for the efficient operation of your grinding machines. This trolley provides [...]

Reliable quality measurement is a key factor in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. The Rollomatic “V-Block” Concentricity Pro eliminates measuring errors inherent in conventional designs of concentricity gages. This unit is [...]

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