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Ultra-Hard Cutting Tools & 3D Machining

Drawing on over ten years of experience in laser technology, Rollomatic offers, through its range LASERSMART®, the most innovative, high-performance solutions on the market, particularly for machining ultra-hard materials such as polycrystalline and monocrystalline diamond, P-CBN, CVD, and natural diamond.

The new LaserSmart 510 has been designed to allow for faster cutting speeds of up to 450% over conventional laser machining. The laser machining process used on this machine is [...]

The LaserSmart®510 Femto with its innovative and powerful femto laser source provides unlimited machining possibilities. Maximizing productivity, precision, and surface quality; the femto laser source builds upon the success of [...]

Designed for the production of cutting tools in ultra-hard materials and featuring 6 simultaneously interpolated axes, the LaserSmart®810XL is ideally suited for machining tools up to 300 mm (12”) in [...]

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