Tool Dynamic 1002

The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 is your start into the modular balancing system of the Tool Dynamic series.

Designed as a table and complementary machine, it is the ideal solution for tool grinders.

The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 measures and compensates the unbalance in one plane (static).

Therefore it is perfect for balancing grinding wheel packages when the couple unbalance is very low.

The balancing adapters (also available for Rollomatic Perfect Arbor) with automatic clamping system clamp the grinding wheel packages µm-precise and enable highest measuring accuracy and repeatability.

The device is operated via the integrated keyboard and screen.

For Rollomatic, the process is as important as the machine.
To better serve our customers, we are able to provide full turnkeys with every machine.


The turnkey process starts with our Sales Team and their help in defining your project.

Our expert team of Applications Engineers then studies your parts to determine the best machine, options, accessories, peripheral equipment, programs, and training required.

We can also offer Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Tests to ensure confidence in the machine and process.

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your success!

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