New - Rollomatic's SmartPunch

The development of the new patented grinding process SmartPunch pushes the grinding limits even further and offers users of the ShapeSmart®NP5 machine the ability to machine non-round and eccentric shapes.

This new technology is based on the proven pinch and peel grinding process that facili- tates the simultaneous engagement of a roughing wheel and a nishing wheel. It allows synchronized interpolation between the longitudinal and transversal axes in relation to the shape of the tool, whether it is triangular, square or eccentric.

This grinding method also offers the advantage of grinding tools with extreme length- diameter ratios of up to 200xD.

Your benefits:

  • Grinding of extremely wide shapes
  • Shape Accuracy less than 0.003 mm
  • Super nish below Ra 0.1 on machined parts
  • Ultra-precise positioning of the ground shape according to the shank
  • Ability to grind different shapes on each steps
  • Finished tools in one single clamping
  • Ability to grind very small punches which can reach length-diameter ratios of up to 200xD Very easy programming via dxf import
  • Extremely simpli ed process vs common methods
  • Eccentric non round punch
  • Eccentric cylindrical grinding with concentricity of less than 0.001 mm