The ShapeSmart®NP50 is a 5-axis Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel grinding machine with integrated 3-axis robot loader and grinding diameter range from 0.025 – 25 mm (.001"– 1").

The ShapeSmart®NP50 is ideal for cutting tool blank preparation as well as punch and mold applications requiring complex geometry and high length-to-diameter ratios.

Your benefits

  • Patented grinding method, simultaneous rough and finish operations
  • Peel grinding of non-round punches (patented)
  • Ability to grind flats and threads
  • Widest grinding range 0.03mm to 25mm
  • Super fast and easy to setup. Typical setup time is 10min (including blanks with multisteps)
  • Unmatched diameter/length ratio up to 400 x D
  • Perfect tool runnout within micron mm thanks to unique tool guiding system
  • Precision and size constancy in production of 0.001mm
  • Full software package included in the machine price
  • Ability to grind double ended blanks automatically
  • 10 different program available for one setup
  • Fast and reliable tool loading system. Simple and fast to setup compare to 6 axis robot. Easy to service
  • Free software upgrade during entire machine life time


The unique kinematics of the ShapeSmart®NP50 allow for precise pinch and peel grinding at a highly flexible level for a wide variety of parts such as cutting tool blanks, boring bar blanks, threaded parts, flats as well as non-round punches.

The concept of this machine offers the advantage of carrying out all these operations in one chucking