LaserSmart 510

The new LaserSmart 510 has been designed to allow for faster cutting speeds of up to 450% over conventional laser machining.

The laser machining process used on this machine is infinitely superior to any other traditional method of machining super-hard materials such as PCD, CVD diamond, monocrystalline diamond, natural diamond and PCBN.

Your benefit

  • 450% faster than conventional machining
  • Unique laser process creates razor-sharp cutting edges with a radius of less than 1µm
  • Unique to the market, programmable defined cutting edge preparations offer total freedom
  • The machining process is independently offset on the raw brazed PCD material
  • Surface finish quality well above industry standards
  • Cylindrical margins are machined all within a single clamping
  • Automation solutions for interchangeable inserts, HSK63 station, and round shaft


The LaserSuite software provided with the LaserSmart model offers an easy-to-use interface, simulated 3D operations to visualize interchangeable inserts and optimized cycle time before production. The JobManager program allows various types of tools to be uploaded for Unattended Production.

The design and kinematics of the LaserSmart 510 make this machine a benchmark in diamond tool industries such as watchmaking, automotive, aerospace, woodworking, and precision engineering sectors.