ShapeSmart®Pro, programming software for SmartPunch

The new patent pending* grinding process SmartPunch pushes the grinding limits even further and offers to the users of the ShapeSmart®NP5 machine the ability to machine non-round and eccentric shapes.

ShapeSmart®Pro is a very powerful and yet easy to learn software that can be used to program basically any punch shape.


* US patent pending / PCT patent pending

Sample tools (section, profile and 3D)


Your benefits

  • Grinding of extremely wide shapes in one single clamping
  • Ability to grind different shapes on each steps as well as eccentric non round punch
  • Eccentric cylindrical grinding with concentricity of less than 0.001mm
  • Ability to grind very small punches which can reach length-diameter ratios of up to 200xD
  • Shape accuracy less than 0.003 mm
  • Super surface finish below Ra 0.1
  • Very easy programming via DXF import
  • Extremely simplified process vs. common methods